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Oluwatoni Okungbowa

The Hybrid Series

The Hybrid Series

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The Hybrid Series is designed for anyone that aspires to either do more than just weightlifting or is looking to start their fitness journey with the goal of doing it all. Do you aim to run, feel, and look athletic, all while building your muscles? If so, this is the plan for you.

What does this plan offer?

  1. A nutrition guide to help you understand the dietary strategies required to achieve your fitness goals.
  2. A structured training plan focused on both muscle building and enhancing your running capabilities.
  3. Targeted mobility routines designed to address weaknesses and improve overall flexibility.
  4. My supplement stack and recommendations on when to use them
  5. Valuable tips to refine your running form, performance and, much more.


Choose between the lower-body and upper-body versions, each involving a 5-day-a-week training regimen at the gym (with one of those days dedicated solely to core training and abs) and 3 days a week of running with 1 full rest day a week

There will be new volumes coming out every 8 weeks. ensuring continuous motivation and progress as we work together towards improvement.

Don't miss out—join the training club and start on your transformative journey today.


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